Welcome to The Albert, the land of GIN.

We are proud to have over 60 beautiful gins, the largest selection in Ibiza.
We put a lot of time and effort into selecting and sourcing our gins and take great pride in serving our customers’ beautiful gins from around the world with various botanicals and with a choice of premium Fever-Tree tonics. We have the brands you know and like, but we also have quite a selection in Artisan and Small Batch Gins, from the UK, Spain, and from other countries around the world. We have a catalogue of tasting notes for all of our gins to help you select the best one for you.

The artisan gins have embraced many new flavours and have most definitely added another dimension to the traditional gin and tonic.

The same goes for the small-batch gins, where many years of distillery experience is applied to create a specific taste or feel.

We are bringing the traditional “G&T” to the next level. Come and join us and experience an abundance of new aromas and flavours with us!

Fever-Tree Tonics:
We are proud stockists of Fever-Tree tonics – of one of the best premium tonic waters on the market. Fever-Tree tonics are made from the best naturally sourced ingredients from around the world without any artificial flavourings or sweeteners. To ensure the flavours complement each other, we match the tonic to each gin, adding that final combination to a great tasting gin. In addition, we match the botanicals as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring a great taste experience