About Us

The Prince Albert in Es Canar is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team Ivar and Martina. We believe there are two types of people when it comes to food. The type who “live to eat” and the type who just “eat to live”. We are very much the first type! We have always loved good food and good quality food at that. If you eat something it should give you more than just fill your tummy. Every mouth full should wake your taste buds and give you enjoyment and experience. The same goes for a good drink.
We have always had a great interest in food and hospitality, and we are very pleased to welcome you to our own bar-restaurant here in Ibiza.

Before Ibiza, we lived in the beautiful city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, England,  for 12 years. This beautiful part of England, also called East-Anglia, is a great area with stunning countryside, just perfect for Sunday walks. We would drive to an area of interest for a walk through fields and forests or to the seaside and finish with a late lunch/early dinner at a traditional local pub.

We are trying to re-create a bit of that feel, but as we are a summer restaurant here in Ibiza, we do not see that we will ever have a fireplace to cosy up to. But we are hoping our take on the traditional food will assist with the ambience.

We firmly believe in using good quality ingredients and, where we can, making our meals fresh from scratch. This has been our aim from the beginning, serving our customers delicious home-cooked food.

Come and try us out and we will look after you.